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Advanced Certification Course In Preparing Data For Exploration

Kick-start your journey in Data Science & Machine Learning with India’s best selling Advanced Certification Course In Preparing Data For Exploration from Data Science Training Institute through Hands on Industry Projects, Cutting Edge Curriculum, Industry Mentorship & Peer to peer networking today.

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Data Exploration Syllabus

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry relevance in the form of Live Classroom experience, Guest trainers, Online sessions, Daily and Weekly evaluations, tutorial videos, Placement mock sessions and assured internship with final placement assistance.

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 1-  Spreadseet.

 2- Metadata.

 3- Data Collection.

 4- Data Ethics.

 5-  SQL.

Module 1-  Introduction to data exploration

Module 2-  Data collection in our world

Module 3-  Determining what data to collect

Module 4-  Discover data formats

Module 5-  Understanding structured data

Module 6-  Know the type of data you’re working with

Module 7-  Data table components

Module 8-  Meet wide and long data

Module 9-  Ensuring data integrity

Module 10- Biassed and unbiased data

Module 11- Understanding bias in data

Module 12- Identifying good data sources

Module 13- What is “bad” data?

Module 14- Introduction to data ethics

Module 15- The importance of data ethics

Module 16- Introduction to data privacy

Module 17- Features of open data

Module 18- All about databases

Module 19- Database features

Module 20- Exploring metadata 

Module 21- Using metadata as an analyst

Module 22- Metadata management

Module 23- Working with more data sources

Module 24- Importing data from spreadsheets and databases 

Module 25- Sorting and filtering

Module 26- Setting up BigQuery, including sandbox and billing options

Module 27- How to use BigQuery

Module 28- BigQuery in action

Module 29- Feel confident in your data

Module 30- Let’s get organized

Module 31- All about file naming

Module 32- Security features in spreadsheets

Module 33- Managing your presence as a data analyst

Module 34- Why an online presence is important

Module 35- Tips for enhancing your online presence

Module 36- Networking know-how

Module 37- Benefits of mentorship

Programming Languages and Tools Covered


Get IBM Certificate in Data Science from Data Science Institute 

Complete all the courses in the programme successfully to receive Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science from IIIT Bangalore. It is India’s #1 Technical University (Private) as per the survey of India Today, 2021.
  • Connect with a global network of accomplished upGrad and IIITB Alumni
  • Upgrade to a widely recognised and valued Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science
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Post Course 2 (Machine Learning), choose any one of the below 5 specialisations as per your background and career aspirations

Industry Projects

Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries

PersIMDb Movie Analysis

Analyse movie data from the past hundred years and find out various insights to determine what makes a movie do well.

Uber Supply-Demand Gap

Use analytics to identify why Uber sometimes faces a supply-demand challenge and what can be done to overcome it.


Help the sales team of your company identify which leads are worth pursuing through this classification case study

Fraud detection

Decline fraud transactions on a credit card in real-time to minimize the losses so that customers are not charged for items that they did not purchase.

Data science training Institute Advantage

Strong hand-holding with dedicated support to help you master Data Science

DSTI Opportunities
  • Get Unmatched placement assistance in form of mock interview, Resume building, Soft skill clinics, Internships and final placements.
  • Gain exclusive access to our Job Opportunities portal which has 100+ openings from hiring partners at any given time
  • Be the first to know vacancies to gain an edge in the application process
  • Connect with companies that are the best match for you
Career Mentorship Sessions
  • Get mentored by an experienced industry expert and receive personalised feedback to achieve your desired outcome
  • High Performance Coaching
  • Get a dedicated mentor after the program to help track your career goals, coach you on your profile, and support you during your career transition journey
  • Personalised Resume building support
  • Mock Interview sessions
  • Get access to Industry Experts and discuss any queries before your interview
  • Career bootcamps to refresh your technical concepts and improve your soft skill
Industry Expert Guidance
  • Interactive Live Sessions with leading industry experts covering curriculum + advance topics
  • Personalised Industry in small groups (of 10-12) with industry experts to augment program curriculum with customized industry based learning
Networking & Learning Experience
  • Live Discussion forum for  peer-to-peer doubt resolution monitored by technical experts
  • Peer-to-peer networking opportunities with a alumni pool of 10000+
  • Lab walkthroughs of industry-driven projects
  • Weekly real-time doubt clearing sessions networking & Learning Experience

Career Impact

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Personalised Industry Sessions

Sessions by an industry expert for a small group of 10-12 learners with simila...

High Performance Coaching (1:1)

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Career Mentorship Sessions (1:1)

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What's Included in the Price

What’s Included in the Price



    Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science from IIITB without quitting your job


    Cutting-Edge Curriculum in Data Science & Machine Learning Designed by Industry Experts with Live Sessions and Small Group Coaching session


    Hands-on experience on Industry Projects and Personalized Feedback for Improved 360 degree Learning


    Upgrade to Executive Post Graduate Programme in Data Science

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    FAQ - data exploration institute In Delhi!

    The course of data science is independent regardless of the background. All you need is to have an interest in data, statistics, and management of the same.

    The data science course comes with knowledge for everyone. Even the beginners who do not know to code can learn it in the fundamentals. Once you know, you are all set to rock!

    Yes, of course! Data scientists grow through various stages, just like others. They grow from Data scientists to senior and then to chiefs. They can also become a data science leader and further set up a venture.

    Knowledge of data science is a quality that firms look around in the candidates today. Having a certification will help you add value to your resume, enhance knowledge, and outshine others.

    Statistics is the core to realizing the best in data science. You only need to know the basics like mean, median, mode, forecasting, hypothesis, etc. All you need is to have the interest!

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